More studentships available for PhD study looking critically at ‘vulnerability’ and bullying in the lives of disabled and/or LGBT* young people

I posted a few weeks ago about PhD studentships available to come and do a PhD around bullying and ‘vulnerability’in the lives of disabled and/or LGBT young people with El Formby, Karen Dunn and I (information of the project below). There is now more funding available meaning that if you missed the original deadline of February 1st, you now have until February 24th to apply. Get in touch with El or myself for more info.

Click here for full information from the Sheffield Hallam webpage (follow the link to ‘education’).

Contextualising bullying and ‘vulnerability’ in the lives of LGBT and/or disabled young people

Anti-bullying practice and advocacy often understands certain ‘types’ of young people, including lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans (LGBT) and disabled young people, as being ‘at risk’ or ‘vulnerable’ to bullying. At the same time, youth work provision and other support services are increasingly subject to ‘targeted’ (rather than universal) work. Such approaches essentialise and individualise ‘vulnerability’ as something ‘within’ a person, rather than a product of socio-cultural-political contexts. Combining our backgrounds in critical disability studies, critical psychology, and sociology, we are interested in proposals that examine and critique the notion of ‘vulnerability’, and how it is constructed and enacted in education and (youth) service provision. The suggested research approach is qualitative, within which artsbased and/or participatory methods could be adopted.


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