Journal Articles

Here are a list of my latest journal articles. I’ve added open access links to the papers where possible below:

Slater, J., Jones, C. and Procter, L. (2017) Troubling school toilets: resisting discourses of ‘development’ through a critical disability studies and critical psychology lens. Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education. [online first] (link is open access)

Liddiard, K. and Slater, J. (2017) “Like pissing yourself isn’t the most attractive quality, let’s be honest” Learning to contain through youth, adulthood, disability and sexuality. Special edition on Sexuality and Disability, Sexualities. [online first]

Slater, J., Jones, C. and Procter, L. (2016). School Toilets: Queer, disabled bodies and gendered lessons of embodimentGender and Education. [Online First] (link is open access)

Slater, J. (2015). Stresses and Contradictions of trying to ‘do feminisms’ within the (Neo)liberal Academy. Special edition on Young Feminisms. Feminism & Psychology.

Slater, J. (2012). Self-advocacy and Socially Just Pedagogy. Disability Studies Quarterly, 32(1),

Slater, J. (2012). Stepping outside normative neoliberal discourse: youth and disability meet – the case of Jody McIntyre. Disability & Society, 27(5), 723-727

Slater, J. (2012). Youth for Sale: Using Critical Disability Perspectives to Examine the Embodiment of ‘Youth’. Societies, 2(3), 195-209.


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