Research Interests and Projects

I am using this page to include the abstracts, links and research questions addressed in my latest research projects. You can read more generally about my research interests and teaching here. Click on a link below to find out more about a particular project.

Around the Toilet – my latest research project, funded by the AHRC, which asked what makes a safe and accessible toilet space.

Storying School Toilets – A project funded by the ESRC Festival of Social Science that I am running with a colleague, Lisa Procter. We’re going to be making shadow puppet shows and comic strips of school pupil’s toilet stories, to display at an event in Sheffield November 2015.

Making Space for Intimate Citizenship – I was lucky enough to be invited onto this important project, which explores the role of ‘intimate citizenship’ in the lives of labelled people (people with labels of ‘learning disability’).

Constructions, Perceptions and Expectations of Being Disabled and Young: A Critical Disability Perspective – this is my PhD research, which took the form of a years ethnography with young disabled people in the UK and Iceland. This research has now been revised and written up into a book, which you can read about here.


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