Teaching & Supervision

I currently teach and supervise at undergraduate, masters and PhD level. Click here for more on PhD supervision.

My teaching is largely around issues of marginalisation, oppression and inequalities within education. I’m really happy to share material with anyone that may find it useful, so get in touch if you think I might be able to help. Largely topics cover:

  • Models and theories of disability

  • Disability and the family

  • Issues and theories around gender and sexuality, including LGBTQ+ young people in educational contexts

  • Critiquing ‘healthy eating’ agendas in schools

  • Structural perspectives on bullying & violence

  • School toilets

  • Research methods







One day I may get around to archiving my teaching material onto here.

I have also put together ‘Jen’s Guide to Academic Writing‘. I am by no means an expert in academic writing, but put this together for my own students based on recurring feedback. Again, I’m very happy for others to use and adapt (some links are specific to my own university).

I have a f.c. book chapter with a colleague, Liz Chapman, around teaching issues of ‘inclusion’.